Our Philosophy

All students can improve their scores with a focus on best practice testing strategies, a thorough review of content knowledge, and an application of learned skills during timed practice sessions.

Our Goal

We aim to maximize student potential by lowering stress levels and building confidence for test day. We also hope to make the tutoring or workshop experience as fun as possible and instill a growth mindset that students can use in tackling any academic challenge.

Private Tutoring vs. Workshops

They’re both going to help a lot! If you are looking for a great value and want to spend equal time on all sections, then our test prep classes are the way to go. However, if you want to focus on a certain subject, need a flexible schedule, or have a student with a different learning style, then 1:1 tutoring might be your best choice.

The EE Test Prep Difference:


Test prep is available either in person or remotely, and we offer both private tutoring and small workshops – whatever style fits your needs.


A balance of rigorous practice sections to simulate the exams and fun games to keep kids coming back for more.


No test prep company can tell you if your child will be accepted into their top school choice, but we will determine strengths and weaknesses and create a game plan to improve scores.


Our practice tests are updated regularly, and we consistently seek to improve by researching test developments and reviewing the skills needed for top scores.


We’ve been teaching test prep since our inception in 2002 and have developed our philosophy from years of work with all styles of learners.


After working with our tutors or attending a workshop, students will have a leg up on their competition and feel they are ready to excel on test day.