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During our 20+ years of operation in Chicago, EE has developed a wide array of programs while serving a diverse population of students. Today we partner with schools, nonprofits, and families across the city to support students in reaching their goals and fulfilling their potential.

academic tutoring

Most tutoring companies you find online are not educational companies; they are just websites connecting people to tutors. We are much more than that.

test prep

Success on entrance exams is essential for acceptance to selective high schools and universities. Our results illustrate that practice can improve scores and build confidence.

enrichment programs

We partner with schools and youth organizations to offer customized programs in executive functioning and study skills, writing, and college readiness.

What is the Learners’ Workshop?

Have you ever wished you could learn how to learn? Instead of covering new academic content, the goal of the Learners’ Workshop is to introduce an array of strategies to make studying more effective and help students develop individualized learning methods.

The transition from middle school to high school can be intimidating. However, students will face the challenges of a new academic environment with confidence using the tools they acquire in the Learners’ Workshop.

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Are you looking for tutoring jobs? Great tutors can help make great students. We recruit bright, young, and enthusiastic individuals as instructors, and we are always looking for brilliant, dedicated educators to join our team. So what are you waiting for?