Serving students is what we do best.

High quality programs elevate the experience of your participants and put your organization on track to meeting goals and discovering what else is possible. Take a look at our recent endeavors to support student success.

Sports-Based Youth Development Organization

Need: Bolster student-athletes’ academic skills and opportunities

Solution: One-to-one tutoring and enrichment courses from EE

Scholarship fund

Need: Summer bridge program for rising freshmen

Solution: EE’s Summer Learners’ Workshop

Charter School Network

Need: Engaging test prep program for high school admissions

Solution: EE’s Remote High School Admissions Test Prep Workshops

Scholarship Foundation

Need: Early intervention for the applicant pool of a scholarship program

Solution: Customized Summer Learners’ Workshop

Cultural and Educational NFP Women’s Group

Need: Increase philanthropy support for elementary school partner

Solution: On-site after school enrichment programs

Scholarship and mentoring organization for underserved youth

Need: Mentor-mentee seminar to prepare for high school final exams

Solution: Final Exam Preparation Workshop for students and mentors

Scholarship and mentoring program for Black youth

Need: Improved GPAs and academic skills for scholars

Solution: Group tutoring, individual tutoring, exam prep and summer school course

NFP supporting first-generation college students

Need: Writing program to improve skills for academic and professional success

Solution: The Writer’s Practice Workshop