10 Ways to Improve at Math Without Adding Better

10 Ways to Improve at Math Without Adding Better

Educational EndeavorsYes, it is true that you can raise your math grade without actually learning another formula, proof, or mastering your multiplication table (even though that would be a good idea!) Follow these 10 tips and approach math homework in an organized and systematic method, and we guarantee your grades will rise.

These little things can make a huge difference at the end of a semester.

  1. Clearly label homework at the top of your homework with section, pages, problems, and date – this will help with organization in your folder as well.
  2. Be NEAT! In algebra, go for the “V-shape.” If you are drawing graphs, shapes, or number lines, then use a ruler.
  3. NEVER use a pen. Always use a pencil.
  4. Give yourself space to work– you can recycle your homework at the end of the year
  5. Show all of your steps, and model your answers after the book.
  6. Use graph paper when required.
  7. Always, box or circle your answer.
  8. Listen to what your teacher wants (they are the ones grading it) and showing all your work, circling your answers, and putting it in the correct final form (fraction, decimal, etc.) is critical
  9. Finally, check your answer. Do this yourself, or look for help from the book – worked out problems and answers in the back.
  10. Got it wrong? Look back at the examples and follow the same steps. Still no help? Call a friend, ask your teacher, or go on-line for other examples

A few words on calculators…

Most teachers will let you use calculators for your homework, and on exams. This doesn’t mean that you have to use a calculator for EVERYTHING! Use a calculator only for large, complex calculations. Do not use a calculator for algebra, ever, even if you can program it to do it.  If you do multiplication and division on paper it will help you down the road.  Be Careful! Always ask, “Does that make sense?” when you get an answer. It is easy to make mistakes when using a calculator. Don’t blindly trust the result.