Why Choose Us

Why choose our Chicago tutors? We are not a search engine. Most tutoring companies you find on-line are not educational companies; they are just websites connecting people to tutors. We are much more than that. We work with our educators, providing professional development and other opportunities for improvement. All of our programs have been developed through thoughtful collaboration with our staff, sharpened by experience, and revised after trials. The EE difference:

  • Sessions at your home, our offices in Lincoln Park & Uptown, or at a convenient place for both student and tutor.
  • Personal Attention: Tutoring sessions are one-on-one, allowing EE staff to address each student’s specific needs.
  • Assessment: We perform an initial evaluation, complete synopses after every session, and compile an ongoing analysis of academic and extra-curricular performance.
  • Structure: Sessions are designed to maximize efficiency. Sessions address fundamental skills every student needs (organization, self-awareness, competency) and focus directly on the individual needs of your child.
  • Communication: EE staff members are available seven days a week.  For each session, the EE tutor will prepare a session synopsis to track the student’s progress.
  • Advocacy: We work with parents and children to help them better understand their rights, expectations, and experience as participants in educational systems.