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What are Ideal Student Workshops?

Class is in session.

Ideal Student Workshops (ISWs) are small class sessions (12 student maximum) that focus on developing skills schools don’t have time to teach. These workshops are centered on abilities ranging from executive functioning to writing skills to advanced mathematics. EE has helped thousands of students get an advantage in the classroom by teaching these often neglected learning fundamentals. With our Chicago school workshop, we fill in the gaps where schools fall short.

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“I was a participant in the Ideal Student Workshop this summer and am giving a follow up on my progress in school. I am doing great.  I was chosen to go to Paris for 10 days and other wonderful opportunities. I just want to thank all the people who had a part in helping me becoming an ideal student. I will be more than happy to take another class or workshop that you might offer. Thank you very much.” – EE Student