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How do you create the perfect essay? Try our courses.

The Rising Writer (grades 8-10)

Learning to write persuasive or analytical essays is a critical skill for students to develop as they move from middle school to high school. Whether writing a term paper or a timed in-class essay, the ability to organize ideas and create a clear and concise argument remains an essential goal for students.  This workshop uses process writing techniques to help students create concise and effective essays in a shorter time than they ever imagined.  Students will read short stories, articles, opinion pieces, poems, or subject-specific texts to spark debates and find subject matter for essays. Then they will work through each step in the writing process:

  • free-writing
  • identifying a topic
  • generating guiding questions
  • creating a thesis
  • outlining
  • learning from peer critiques
  • drafting, revising & editing

Students do not become great writers overnight. However, by teaching a process and emphasizing structure and organization we help students make immediate improvements and increase productivity in their writing. This Chicago essay workshop is for students entering grades 8-10.  Register today.

College Essays 101 (grades 11-12)

Students often feel overwhelmed facing the college application process while keeping up with rigorous course loads and busy extracurricular schedules. The essay portion of an application can be particularly daunting. When students sit down to write they may feel stumped by common questions like…

  • What is the prompt even asking me?
  • What are admissions officers looking for?
  • Isn’t it awkward to write about myself and my positive qualities?
  • The stakes are so high, how can I make my essay stand out from the rest?
  • Can I admit to mistakes or character flaws? How honest should I be?
  • I have so much to say; how can I fit it all into a 300- or 500-word limit?

These questions and more will be answered in College Essays 101. We take the guesswork out of college essays and put students at ease with the writing process. This seminar series will…

  • Bust the myths around college essay expectations
  • Point out common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Help students discover an angle and a voice to make their essays authentic and original
  • Provide tips for altering a single essay so it works for multiple schools’ prompts

We look forward to helping Chicago students in the college essay process. Register today.