Ideal Student Workshop Slides

Executive Functioning Workshops

Executive functioning is a buzzword these days for adults as well as students. No matter your age, there’s always room for improvement in this important skill set. EE’s study skills workshops focus on organization and time management, goal setting, note-taking, annotating, communication with teachers and peers, and research fundamentals.  We discuss best practices in each of these areas and engage students in activities to make them more effective learners. Students across Chicago have participated in our executive functioning workshops and have gained valuable tools for succeeding in high school and college.

Freshman Bootcamp

Bridge the gap between middle school and high school with this 5-day executive functioning and study skills retreat. Students will learn the character traits, study skills, and academic habits needed to succeed in high school and beyond. Participants will assess their current skills, build new ones, and leave the workshop with a game plan for conquering freshman year. Instructional methods include experiential learning activities, lectures, multimedia presentations, and short projects to encourage a more efficient and successful learner. “Work smarter not harder” is just one of many takeaways from this workshop. Register today.

College Success Seminar

The transition to college can be difficult as young adults step into a world where no one is overseeing their homework or breaking down assignments into manageable chunks. If students have learned self-advocacy, organization, time management, and other executive functioning strategies before they arrive on campus, they are more likely to survive and thrive during freshman year. This course will not only introduce a wide array of study skills but will also cover reading and writing techniques to help students handle college-level work effectively. Open to students entering freshman or sophomore year of college. Register today.