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Middle School Test Prep for High School Entrance Exams

The pressure is on for middle school students, and there is no doubt that practice builds confidence and prepares students for the real thing. Success on two or more of the following exams is essential for acceptance to selective enrollment and private high schools:

NWEA MAP ACT Aspire Test ISEE: Independent Schools Entrance Exam
SEHS: Selective Enrollment High Schools Exam HSPT: Catholic High Schools Placement Test SSAT: Secondary Schools Admission Test (for boarding schools)

In addition to reviewing content tested on these exams, students in our small-group sessions will gain familiarity with the format of each test and learn strategies for success in every section.  They will take practice tests at every session and receive recommendations for additional practice at home. Our high school entrance exam training for Chicago area students is open to grades 7-8. Contact us to be notified when upcoming workshops open for registration: NWEA MAP or Ultimate 8th Grade Test Prep.


The application deadline for the class of 2021 at CPS Selective Enrollment High Schools was December 9, 2016. Families had to schedule the Selective Enrollment Exam before they could submit their application. Exam dates were as follows:

|  December 17, 2016    |    January 21, 2017    |    January 28, 2017    |    February 4, 2017  |

For more information visit the CPS Office of Access & Enrollment.

SAT/ACT Test Preparation for High School Students

Though we are not known as an ACT/SAT test prep company, we happen to have some outstanding tutors with years of experience helping to prepare students for these exams. Our results illustrate that practice can improve scores and build confidence for the ACT or SAT. Sessions run in the fall and spring and include timed practice sections, strategy discussions, and a review of key concepts. Open to students in grades 10-12. Contact us to be notified when the next workshop opens for registration.

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