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EE has worked with thousands of students since 2001. Our clients come from all economic and geographic backgrounds. We are proud to support a diverse base of students, and this experience enables us to customize our approach for any style of learner.

Our Clients’ Schools: Students at great schools need great tutors!

Our clients come from the following schools: Abraham Lincoln Elementary, Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School, British School of Chicago, Catherine Cook, Chicago City Day School, Francis W. Parker School, Frances Xavier Ward, Highland Park H.S., Jones College Prep, Latin School of Chicago, Lincoln Park HS – I.B., Near North Montessori, New Trier High School, North Side College Prep H.S. ,Ogden Elementary, Sacred Heart, St. Ignatius College Prep, St. Mary of the Woods, University of Chicago Lab, Walter Payton College Prep, Whitney Young H.S., and many more!

Our Clients’ Words: Our clients tell it better than we possibly can!

“Many thanks!  We are so so excited!!  Alot of our thanks is for Lindsay as well.  She’s great and she doesn’t take any excuses or non-sense from him and she gets the job done.  We really really appreciate Lindsay!  I can’t wait to see how she helps him adjust to all the studying that lies ahead of him!!” – EE Parent

“Good news for [our daughter] too. She got into Whitney Young, her first choice! She is so happy and we are so grateful for the help you provided. I don’t think she would’ve been as successful without you :)” – EE Parent

“Walter Payton! She crushed the test.  Thanks for all your help. ” – EE Parent

“I just wanted to thank you again for the great experience all the kids had with you. They all really enjoyed coming to your classes every Tuesday, and were well prepared for their test day. Each and every one of the kids that I ran into after the test told me that they thought the test was a lot easier
than they expected, and that’s definitely due to how well you prepared them. And I personally really appreciated how organized and accommodating to scheduling you were. Again, thanks very much! I have been, and will continue to, recommend you whole-heartedly to other parents.” – EE Parent

“Thank you for coming to our school to prepare the kids, I know it helped.  [Our daughter] is over the moon, and very relieved!   Erin has been wonderful. She adores her.  My younger daughter also loves meeting with Erin.  Thank you again for all of your help!” – EE Parent

“Thank you for the wonderful workshops you provided for our retreat. Your programming was excellent and your staff was great. Everyone was happy with the outcome of the retreat and we are hoping to work with you again for future retreats. I know we will see the impact of this on our students for years to come.” –Alain Locke Charter School

I just wanted to follow up to let all of you know that my daughter, who worked with Jason this past summer, not only brought her ACT score up by 3 points but is also getting several college acceptances and academic scholarships and grants! You are all awesome and made a nerve wracking and difficult issue for [our daughter] much easier and beneficial. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!” – EE Parent

“With Educational Endeavors my daughter was able to bring up her grade in English by three letter grades.” – EE Parent

“Overall I think I did really well on it. Thanks Steven for making learning stuff enjoyable.” – EE Student (accepted into Whitney Young H.S.)

“First I want to say thank you to you and your staff for helping [our son] achieve a standard and confidence that really helped him. His college choices would have been much more limited without your help.” – EE Parent

“We just received the students’ ISAT scores and those who completed your prep class did very well! The biggest improvement was [our student] who went from being below standards and in the 32nd percentile in math, to the 85th percentile, and in reading from the 74th percentile to the 91st!” – METROsquash

“Report cards are out. A- in Math. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – EE Student

“Just wanted to let you know that {our daughter] l-o-v-e-d her lesson with her tutor…she was in the best mood after her session…” – EE Parent

“At a time of both physical and emotional growth, I think that your integrated and personalized approach is highly successful and motivating to students.” – EE Partner School

“Very good. I will be happy to recommend Educational Endeavors to my friends” – EE Student

“We have been extremely impressed by the quality of the programs offered, and by the professionalism of the staff. Educational Endeavors has served our school by designing and implementing a foreign language program for our preschool and junior kindergarten, a music program for our Middle School, extended day session and faculty development. It has been a pleasure to have Educational Endeavors become a part of our community and we look forward to a long-term relationship in providing the Catherine Cook School with quality enrichment activities.” – Catherine Cook School

“The Ideal Student Workshop, SSAT/ISEE prep, tutoring and exam prep during freshman year have been invaluable to our scholars as they prepare for and succeed in academically rigorous high schools. What I think is most beneficial is the individualized attention each student receives. The EE staff consists of professional educators who are able to assess where a student is academically, target areas of improvement and work one-on-one with students on subject-specific material. The EE staff ensures students are engaged during the process through goal-setting, tracking progress, regular check-ins and celebrating successes. In addition to academic enrichment and tutoring, students learn other necessary skills for success including note-taking, time management, critical thinking and organization. Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund

“Yes, we could not be more pleased with how it’s going.  I am so glad a place like Educational Endeavors exists!  I have a feeling we will be connecting next year too!” – EE Parent

“[Our son] had a big “relief” on his face after he came out of the test.  Joe and I were glad to see it.  He said he did well.  As parents, we did what we possibly could.  As tutor, you made him enjoyed learning.  He himself worked very hard too.  That’s all we asked.  Whatever the result would be, we all tried our best.  Thank you for all you’ve done to him.” – EE Parent

“Stephen, As you already know, we think very highly of your ability to prepare these kids for their selective enrollment exams.  Both [student] and [student] felt so well prepared that I think that it helped them to go into the test with a high level of calm and confidence.  [Student] received a perfect score of 300/300 on the selective test!  We will continue to highly recommend you and your company!  Thank you very much and we’ll see you at the baseball field!” – EE Parent

Not only do students learn the academic tools necessary for high school, but over the years I have seen students build tremendous confidence along with the ability to self-advocate. The EE staff are not only tutors, but cheerleaders for our students. They create an environment that allows students to show their weaknesses and supports them unconditionally as they work to improve.”Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund

“Just to inform you that we received the letter from CPS Selective Enrollment and the girls were accepted; [student] at Whitney Young and [student] at Jones Prep. [Our daughter] received 918 and [our other daughter] a 894 pts out of total of 1000. These points qualify them to these schools. I’d like to thank you for all the tutoring assistance you have provided to these girls. It helped them a lot.” – Abe Lincoln Elementary Parent

“I believe you helped [our daughter] and would utilize your program again. One way it was beneficial was that it allowed [her] to interact in a diverse academic setting with other students. Since we transferring to KIPP that opportunity was no longer available. You also encouraged her to participate in group discussions. Had I found out about your program sooner, I would have enrolled sooner.” EE Parent

“Your tutors are making such a difference with our scholars!” – Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund

“Just wanted to let you know [our daughter] received her grades for the year. She had final grade in math of A- for the year with a B+ on the final exam. Please give my thanks to Anthony and Jeremy for all their great work this year. Their help really had a significant impact on Sophie’s success in Calculus this year.” – EE Parent

“Things are going great with [our daughter]. As I told her before, I wish we had found her sooner. She has connected with David and he enjoys working with her. He feels it has really helped his understanding. I think she’s great. Thanks for everything.” – EE Parent (from Francis Parker)