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A family of programs offering educational solutions for individuals and organizations throughout Chicago and the suburbs. Click on a program above to begin your journey.
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We are not a franchise. We are a local company that cares about education and building better students.
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Ideal Student Workshops: What teachers don’t have time to teach....executive functioning, writing skills, CPS Selective Enrollment  test prep, and more. Sign up today
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Test preparation for the CPS Selective Enrollment exam and all high school entrance exams.
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Watch our  Academic Enrichment program video, and see our programs in action.
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We are an educational company that sees the limitless need for innovative educational programming for students of all backgrounds.

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Welcome to Educational Endeavors!

EE has developed a wide array of programs over our ten years of operation in Chicago, while serving a diverse population of students. Today, we deliver all of these educational endeavors in concert with our wonderful partners—schools, non-profits, and families.

Click on a program above to begin your journey.

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